Xebrè combines scientific rigour and a passion for innovation to develop solutions that harness the power of people connected by technology.

The internet has transformed the world that we live in, the ways that we interact and how organisations operate. This change has been catalysed by technology, but it is not technology that determines the outcome. It is the complex interaction between individuals, society and the technologies we build that gives rise to the new challenges and opportunities faced by organisations in a newly digital world.

Xebrè recognises this interplay and leverages an understanding of more than just technology or marketing to deliver results that encompass people and machines, working pragmatically together.

We have a strong academic background and a belief that the analytic methodologies of the natural and social sciences combined with the synthetic methodologies of the engineering disciplines can be applied to the challenges of any organisation to deliver insightful solutions backed by the same scientific and engineering rigour that gave rise to the internet itself.

We provide consultancy, solutions and services covering the design, delivery, measurement and refinement of evidence-based digital strategy.

Our People

Our team comprises experts from a diverse range of fields who are actively engaged in cutting-edge digital research; from computer science to law, philosophy to psychology. We actively aim to apply research insights to the challenges that our clients encounter and, where possible, to publish the results.

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