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Our team is what sets Xebrè apart and allows us to innovate in the way that we do. We're not just a group of developers, designers and marketers - The Xebre team comprises experts from across the academic and professional spectrum, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project.

Richard Gomer BSc (Hons) MSc MBCS

Senior Partner

Richard is a postgraduate researcher in the Web and Internet Science research group at the University of Southampton. His interests include human-computer interaction, user experience and the design of computer systems that improve the subconscious decisions of users through “nudge” techniques, particularly in areas such as online privacy and wellbeing.

Previous Employers: Roke Manor Research (Siemens), Microsoft Research UK

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Maire Byrne BSc (Hons) PGCE MSc

Senior Partner

Maire has a degree in Philosophy and Linguistics, MSc in Computer Science and a PGCE. She has spent many years in industry, working in finance, marketing, reputation management, search engine optimisation, and editorial. She has a strong interest in the "knowledge economy", how to manage information flows and the sorts of changes data undergoes as it flows through companies and organisations. She is currently examining the impact of open crime data, in conjunction with the Home Office.

Previous Employers: Centrica PLC, Hertfordshire County Council, Bruce Clay Europe

Chris Phethean BSc (Hons) MSc

Consulting Partner

Chris is a PhD researcher in the Web Science Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Southampton. Based within the Web and Internet Science group, he also works with the School of Management to investigate methods of analysing the marketing performance of charitable organisations on social media. He is interested in how social media can be used by different organisations for different outcomes, and how it uniquely brings people together to produce unexpected results.

Previous Employers: University of Southampton

Will Fyson BSc (Hons) MSc

Consulting Partner

Will is a researcher in the University of Southampton’s Web Science Doctoral Training Centre. He conducts his research in the University’s chemistry department, where he investigates new models for scholarly communication, using a holistic approach to carefully consider the roles of the various stakeholders. Will is particularly keen in understanding how better knowledge of the interactions amongst the various actors may encourage researchers to embrace more open forms of discourse.

Previous employers: University of Southampton

Harriet Orchard BSc (Hons)

Account Manager

Harriet is responsible for day-to-day communication with many of our longer-term clients. As the first point of contact, Harriet receives a whole range of requests from clients, often complex in nature, and ensures the client is satisfied with a swift response, liaising throughout the process of uploading content, preparing reports or managing longer-term projects. Harriet is pursuing a degree in Business Management with Innovation and Enterprise at the University of Winchester.

Previous Employers: Europacom, Ageas, Icon Clinical Research, Mansell

Alex Price BSc (Hons)

Account Manager

Alex has a background working in both the educational and charity sectors. He has previous experience as a trainee secondary science teacher, where he developed effective pedagogical and communication skills. He went on to work for the educational charity EDT where he was responsible for developing and delivering training resources for 300+ 'Year in Industry' prospective students per year, as well as expanding EDT's school and university liaisons across the South East of the UK.

Previous Employers: Engineering Development Trust

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