Xebre provides a range of turnkey solutions to support digital business, as well as bespoke solution development. Our award-winning team combines cutting edge technical expertise with a commitment to rigorous engineering. Of course, our solutions are informed by more than just technology - Our solutions reflect our commitment to understanding people, too.

Sociotechnical Solutions

Xebre has a first-class team of software architects and developers and a mature software stack, but we also have a commitment to developing solutions that work with human beings. Clever software has a role, but we recognise that the interface between humans and computers is of key importance, and believe that computer systems should flex to fit human needs.

We focus on how organisations work in practice and not just on paper. Our aim is to unlock human potential by identifying communication or process inefficiencies and engineering solutions that allow people to do their jobs more effectively.

Bespoke Application Development

What's it for?

Turning ideas, designs and strategy into reality usually requires the assistance of our development team. We produce and deploy a diverse range of bespoke applications, including websites and online applications. Our development team has experience in a range of fields as diverse eCommerce and healthcare.

What does it involve?

Implementation usually involves additional design work to translate system requirements, visual designs and other strategy factors into system designs. This includes the formal specification of the system's behaviour, interoperability and non-functional properties. The designs are then used to build a working system. Like everything else we do, we take an agile iterative "SCRUM" approach to software development that reflects changing strategies and provides opportunities to deploy, test and refine designs and implementation approaches.

Case Study: KOLOLA

KOLOLA Screenshot

KOLOLA is a cloud-based impact assessment solution, built initially for use by the University of Southampton.

KOLOLA uses our proven software stack to facilitate a collaborative recording process that allows organisations to capture a record of their success and to measure impact against defined criteria. KOLOLA is now available to a range of organisations from KOLOLA Ltd.

Case Study: Globe Town

Globe Town Screenshot

Globe Town is a multi-award winning open data application that visualises data from the World Bank, and other sources, in an engaging and intuitive web app. A team from Xebre collaborated with several other contributors to design and develop Globe Town in a matter of days, using a fast agile process and our proven technology stack.

Globe Town was placed third in the international World bank "Apps for Climate" competition (2012), was awarded first prize in the visualisation category of the University of Southampton Open Data Competition (2013) and was awarded second prize in the first of the Europe wide LinkedUp challenge competitions (2013).

iota Framework

Our technology stack, the iota framework, is a flexible web application framework that underlies the majority of our development activities. iota provides a number of advanced features, including database reverse-engineering and a client-server event architecture for developing distributed event-based interfaces.

iota is available for use by other developers under our licensing programme.

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