"Xebre's ideas and expertise helped us to relaunch a fresh new website that shows off our product and communicates our core message."

Chris Cooper, CTO, KnowNow Innovation Ltd Graphic Design


Consentua needed a revamped website to replace their former ageing one, which was designed several years ago and had become content-cluttered.

Our client wanted the site to be simplified, to ensure it worked correctly on different sized devices, and for it to be easy to add/remove content to on a regular basis as their needs rapidly evolved.

Xebre worked with Consentua to come up with an easily maintainable layout which builds pages out of component stripes. Each stripe can be easily duplicated, have their content changed through a CMS, and are designed to be fully responsive to different sized devices.

Consentua are pleased with the flexibility of the final site, and have already started taking the initiative to update their own content as they see fit.