"When our website became out-of-date and incompatible with modern browsers, Xebre were able to recreate it with a new content management system, which will hopefully keep us online for the foreseeable future!"

Joanna Jefferson, Architect, Joanna Jefferson Architects


JJA's website was initially designed by another web developer nearly 10 years ago, and was structured around their own in-house custom Content Management System (CMS).

Our client approached us when they found that they couldn't access their CMS from any of the modern web browsers on their recently updated computers. After some careful investigation we discovered that, due to its age, their CMS had stopped working because it relied on obsolete web standards.

As a small business JJA wanted to find a fix for their problem which would keep costs to a minimum, so we suggested that we could recreate their existing site page-for-page using a more relevant CMS.

JJA were pleased that we were able to retain all of the same functionality as their previous site, and can now continue to maintain their own content for the foreseeable future.