"Xebre helped us to make our website responsive so it would be more accessible to our online customers, who were increasingly accessing our website through their smartphones and tablets as technology moved on."

Will Fyson, Technical Director, KOLOLA


KOLOLA was a start-up company with a small budget and a modest starting website which initially wasn't responsive. It needed to be updated inline with their online analytics, which suggested that more and more people were accessing their site through mobile devices.

Xebre worked with KOLOLA to develop a modernised template, and helped to devise new visual and written content which was a better fit for the updated layout.

Xebre also implemented an online quote referral form to help KOLOLA to streamline their sales flow, and built an online demo of their software which could be accessed by prospective customers interested in learning about the product.

KOLOLA were pleased with the final result, which was delivered within their budget and represented a significant improvement on their previous site in terms of accessibility across devices.