Rose Road website on an ipad


Rose Road had been using the same out-of-date web template for almost a decade, and it was showing its age on mobile browsers. To verify this, we also conducted some research into their web traffic which confirmed that many of their users had switched over to mobile devices, and were struggling to access the content.

Xebre worked with Rose Road to develop a modernised responsive template for their site, and because they are a charity which supports people with disabilities, we really wanted to emphasise accessibility and making their content easier for people to engage with.

In keeping with their budget, we kept much of their original content intact and focused instead on making everything better laid out and easier to read. We achieved this with subtle changes like increasing the size and spacing of font, and incorporating print spacing techniques to standardise the gaps between headers and paragraphs, making it easier for people with visual/reading impairments to scan text. By incorporating modern responsive design techniques, their website now scales content to fit different screen sizes and works much better across smaller devices.

The team at Rose Road were very pleased with the end result, and have been inspired to consider other digital projects like an online shopping portal to sell their range of christmas and greetings cards.